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April 2023: After seventeen years of planning and managing events Thames Alive have taken the difficult decision to step away from creating these ceremonial events. Read more...

The one-stop-shop for any organisation wishing to arrange an event, small or large, on the River Thames. It has over twenty years of experience and a thorough understanding of the river, its people, regulations and safety. In recent years Team Thames Alive has initiated and organised the river’s biggest one-off events and its team members have also run a wide range of traditional sporting events, including The Great River Race, The Tudor Pull, the Admiral of the Port Race, Port of London Challenge and Oxbridge Challenge.

Meet the Team:

Malcolm Knight, Director

Malcolm is fixed-seat oarsman with five World Records for distance rowing, three set on the River Thames (the last in 2005 for rowing the length of the Thames single handed non-stop) he went on to organise events for others to enjoy (the annual Tudor Pull, The Admiral of the Port Challenge, The Port of London Challenge, The Lord Mayor's Show Flotilla) as the Secretary of the Thames Traditional Rowing Assoc. He was the Events Manager for The Queen’s Row Barge ‘Gloriana’ for seven years (2012-19) organising all the events the Royal barge attended. Malcolm retired in 1998 from the Metropolitan Police Force after serving 25 years.

Stuart Wolff, Director

Stuart is Founder and was Race Director of The Great River Race, the annual 21-mile London River Marathon to find the UK Traditional Boat Champions, which has been held every year since 1988. Previously, he practiced as a public relations consultant specializing in shipping, insurance and finance and worked for Stewart Wrightson and Rootes Car Group.

Roger Mutton, Event Producer

Roger joined the Board after having worked with Thames Alive on all the previous projects, including devising the delivery of Anne Boleyn by royal barge to HM The Tower of London in 2018. Roger was a director of The Great River Race and Hon. Secretary of the Jubilant Trust, which built the Royal Shallop Jubilant as a Golden Jubilee present for Her Majesty the Queen. Formerly Public Relations Manager for the Port of London Authority, Roger has organised events on the Thames since 1977. He was River Pageant Master for the Emirates Thames Nelson Flotilla 2005.

Peter Warwick

Peter Warwick, resigned as Chairman of Thames Alive and stepped down from the Board in December 2018. He had been combatting cancer for the past five years but sadly lost the battle on the 20th March 2019. His drive, enthusiasm and vibrant character will be sadly missed by Team Thames Alive and all those who met and worked with him.
Peter will continue to be remembered by the creation of memorable events on the River Thames.
In the words of his son – “Although he may have lost this battle he has won a great victory in our hearts
Peter Warwick 20/12/49 - 20/3/19


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